DUI- Alcohol offenses Laws

Commonly asked questions on Oklahoma DUI - Alcohol Offenses

Mostly asked questions related to Oklahoma DUI - Alcohol Offenses

Mostly asked questions related to Oklahoma DUI - Alcohol OffensesThe queries related to any topics always assist to remove the confusions. This content is specially formulated to provide you with the most commonly asked questions about Oklahoma DUI- alcohol offenses.

What do you exactly mean by DUI?

This terminology is related to driving under influence. Actually during driving any kind of vehicle, you must be totally vigilant and attentive. Having alcohol or any other such drug during drive could put you at stake. Oklahoma has devised each and everything related to safe driving so that increasing numbers of auto accidents could be managed.

What is the exact limit to be captured under DUI in Oklahoma?

There is a specific level of blood alcohol content after which you will be considered under illegal allegations. No tolerance level for the people under 21, .08% for the 21 or older and .04 for the commercial.

If I refuse to submit the Chemical test before court, what could be the consequences?

In such kind of case, you may have to go through automatic suspension of driving license and specific limit of fine.

What could be the jail time if will be proved guilty?

Once you have been proved guilty, you may go for 10days to 1 year in the 1st offense. You can expect 5 years imprisonment in the second and 20 years in the third offense.

Can I write a letter for relaxation of the charges under Oklahoma DUI - Alcohol Offenses laws?

Yes! You can write an application in front of court only in the first offense to compensate or minimize the charges. As a result of such letter, your case could get lowered to the case of reckless driving. Lawyer is the person that could create a plea letter for you.

Is there any need of lawyer for handling such cases?

The lawyer is a legal agent that knows each and everything about law. You can hire the best and professional Claremore attorney for giving more knowledge about this law.

What will happen to my driving license in case of such offenses?

Your driving license will be suspended if chemical test is not provided. Usually this kind of suspension longs for 180 days. This kind of suspension can be challenged in front of administrative hearing. Department of public safety could also create hurdles in revoking your license.

The above mentioned questions would surely have helped you to remove questions related to Oklahoma DUI - Alcohol Offenses.